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Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments: Multijurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Aug 30, 2023

The Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments (MetroCOG) is pleased to announce the 2024 update to the Region’s Multijurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP), beginning on August 1st of 2023. An up to date NHMP is a requirement of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for certain types of disaster assistance. The current plan was approved in August 2019 and will expire in August 2024. The plan covers the City of Bridgeport and towns of Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, and Trumbull.

The purpose of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP) is to reduce the loss of life, personal injury and damage to property, infrastructure, and natural, cultural and economic resources from a natural disaster. The Plan emphasizes actions that can be implemented now to reduce or prevent damage from a future natural disaster. The assessments and evaluations will be based on extensive data collection and outreach efforts to obtain information on the region’s physical setting and the occurrence, frequency, duration, and vulnerability to existing and probable hazards. The update will identify significant changes in risks, vulnerabilities, capabilities, and mitigation actions that have developed since 2019.

Public participation and community input are crucial to developing a plan that accurately reflects local values and priorities, promotes awareness of risks, and identifies actions towards a safer, more resilient region for all communities and stakeholders. MetroCOG is providing a range of diverse opportunities and methods for communities throughout the region to participate in the planning process:

On-line survey at https://bit.ly/nhmp-2024. A paper version will be provided upon request. A Spanish version is available at https://bit.ly/nhmp-2024-es

Public Meetings:

Fairfield: Wednesday, September 6th at 6 pm; Main Public Library (Rotary Room), 1080 Old Post Road
Trumbull, Easton and Monroe: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, 7 pm, Council Chambers, Trumbull Town Hall, 5866 Main Street
Stratford: Tuesday, September 26th at 6 pm; Baldwin Center, 1000 West Broad Street
Bridgeport: Thursday, September 28th, 2023 6 pm, Margaret Morton Government Center, Conference Room A and B, 999 Broad Street

Comments: visit https://bit.ly/nhmp-comments.

Updates will be posted to www.ctmetro.org and social media (https://www.linkedin.com/company/metrocog/).

Handouts will be distributed throughout the region.

Presentations to MetroCOG board at monthly meetings (schedule at ctmetro.org)

Comments may be made orally at the public meetings, via e-mail, an online comment box, or in writing. Written comments must be clearly legible, submitted on 8½” by 11″ paper and include the person’s name and address. Any person wishing to comment via mail may submit their comments in writing to Meghan Sloan, Planning Director at msloan@ctmetro.org 0r 1000 Lafayette Boulevard, Suite 925, Bridgeport, CT 06604.

Please contact Hannah Reichle at hreichle@ctmetro.org for paper copies of the NHMP survey, informational materials, and/or language assistance.