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Public meetings on the MTA’s Central Business District (Manhattan) Tolling Program

Sep 10, 2021

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) and New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) have announced 13 virtual public meetings between Thursday, Sept. 23, and Wednesday, Oct. 13, on the proposed Central Business District Tolling Program (CBDTP), also known as congestion pricing. The CBDTP is a proposed plan to toll vehicles that enter, or remain in, the Manhattan Central Business District (CBD) at 60th Street and south. The goal of the program is to reduce traffic congestion and raise funds for mass transit. The public meetings are part of the federally-required Environmental Assessment (EA) and will allow the public to learn more about the initiative and offer comments.

The Public Meeting for Connecticut will take place on Friday, October 1 from 1-3 p.m. The Public Meeting for Environmental Justice Communities in Connecticut will occur on Wednesday, October 13 from 6-8 p.m. Visit https://new.mta.info/project/CBDTP/upcoming-meetings for details on attending a public meetings.

CBDTP Public Meeting Schedule –
English: https://new.mta.info/document/51661
Spanish and Russian: https://new.mta.info/document/51896
Haitian/Creole/Bengali: https://new.mta.info/document/51891
Portuguese/Italian: https://new.mta.info/document/51901

More information about the CBDTP can be found at new.mta.info/project/CBDTP. Fact sheets are also available via:
English: https://new.mta.info/document/49426
Spanish: https://new.mta.info/document/51656
Haitian/Creole: https://new.mta.info/document/51676
Portuguese: https://new.mta.info/document/51646